Summer of Riesling 2012

Summer of Riesling 2012 – For Immediate Release New Zealand’s second Summer of Riesling 2012 began on Saturday December 1st and runs until 28th February 2013. It is a worldwide movement which encourages the consumption, discussion and enjoyment of Riesling, and began in 2008 when Paul Grieco from the Terroir Wine Bar in New York decided that only Riesling would be offered by the glass as the white wine pour. Participating wineries, bars, retailers and restaurants receive ‘Riesling love packs’ which include tshirts, tattoos and stencils and are encouraged to spread the ‘gospel’ of Riesling in the most creative ways … Continue reading

Summer of Riesling Poll

As it’s the Summer of Riesling we thought it might be interesting to see which wine regions that your favourite Riesling comes from – is it up North, down South or somewhere in the middle? Take part in our Facebook Poll and at the end of the Summer of Riesling I’ll post the results to everyone. CLICK HERE TO PARTCIPATE More about Summer of Riesling Event The Summer of Riesling is a worldwide movement that encourages the consumption, discussion and enjoyment of Riesling. From 12th January 2012 New Zealand will be launched head first into its very first Summer of … Continue reading